Tarot Izabela: Nuclear War? Military Takeover? 10 day of Darkness/EBS/EAS? – Where Are We Now?


Subtitles in many different languages are found under the icon ” Settings” in the right corner of the video. Izabela is doing a Tarot reading regarding ”Nuclear War”, ”Military Takeover”, ”10 days of Darkness/EBS/EAS”.

If you miss a specific language in the subtitles just mail me and I will add that language to the subtitle list. This I can only do to the videos that already have subtitles.

REGARDING PERSONAL READINGS : At the moment due to an overload of work I will have a pause in doing personal readings. I will announce in an update video when the possibility of personal readings will come be available again. Please do not send me requests for personal readings at the moment. IMPORTANT! For those who are already waiting for a personal reading.

Please do not send me any donations/ Ko-fi in advance since I can not promise that I will be able to do a reading on your questions. When I respond to a mail regarding personal questions and a time for a reading is set then you can expect to get a reading done. I have no price on the readings. Any donations or support to my channel are voluntary and only after you received a response or a reading from me. No donations in advance.

When a reading is done in text/Mp3 or Skype and you feel the need to support my channel or make a donation then it is up to you if you feel, can or want to do a donation.

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The Telegram chat group: https://t.me/tarotbyizabela1 https://t.me/+Z4Yd1fCpwM84ZjZk If you like to contact me you can do it at: tarotbyizabela@gmail.com

If you like to support my work there is only one way to donate: Buy me a Ko-Fi : https://ko-fi.com/tarotbyizabela

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