According to promises from the NATO and the USA, 1990 February. Not to move eastward after this days

Hans Myresjö

In order to make clear the important question about what have been confirmed according to the future of NATO and USA influences over East European politics after the shutting down of the Warsaw Pact, some documents are very important.

That it was real documented guaranties from the Western side, following documents will confirm.

This US Embassy Bonn cable reporting back to Washington details both of Hans-Dietrich Genscher´s proposals-that NATO would not expand to the east, and that the former territory of the GDR in a united Germany would be treated differently from other NATO territory?”

Source: US Department of State. FOIA Reading Room. Case F-2015 10829, 1990-02-01

Baxter tells Soviet foreign minister; A neutral Germany would undoubtetly acquire its own independent nuclear capability. However, a Germany that is firmly anchored in a changed NATO by that I mean a NATO that is far less of a military organization much more of a political one, would have no need for independent capability. There would, of cource, have to be iron-chad guarantees that NATO´s jurisdiction or forces would not move eastward.”

Source: US Department of State, FOIA 199504567 (Nationat Security Archive Flashpoints Collection, Box 38) 1990-02-09

The key exchange takes place when Baker asks whether Gorbachev would prefer a united Germany outside of NATO, absolutely independent and without Amaerican troops; or a united Germany keeping its connections with NATO, but with the guarantee that NATO´s jurisdiction or troops will not spread east of the present boundary… Turning to German unification, Baker assured Gorbachev that neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages from the processes that are taking place, and that the Americans understand the importance for the USSR and Europé  of guarantees that not an inch of NATO´s present military jurisdiction will spreed in an eastern direction.”

Source: Gorbachev Foundation Archive, Fond 1 Opis 1. 1990-02-09

From this documents you can easy make the apointment, that the Secratary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, who with emfas have told the world that NATO never have talked about not to expand eastwards, is historyless and more of a joke. He thereby avoid to step away from what seems to be a kingsroad for NATO with historical unknowledge, lies and treachery.

More about this catastrophic US/NATO politics you can find in ”NATO ett monster på Katastrofkurs.”  Historiskt

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