Swedish Social Democracy – Spreading Communism through Globalism


Mikael Möller, 2019

Its important to cast a light over SAP’s history and their plan. This text maps the actual
background of this party, its true ideology and where its headed. This is most relevant in order to understand whats happening in Sweden today.

There is still a romantic view on socialism as well as SAP in Sweden. This book aims to once and for all tear apart the viewpoint of this romanticized and very unpleasant movement.

As you will see, the understanding of the Swedish social democracy is relevant in order to understand other ideologies in Sweden, such as Swedish communism, Swedish Nazism, as well as the Swedish environmental movement. Other political parties (C, KD, M, L, SD, MP and V) have also been formed in the same direction – most swedes cant see much difference themselves between these political parties.

Read the whole book here HistorySAP_English

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